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Angas Plains Wines

Angas Plains Wines
Angas Plains Wines

Angas Plains Wines is excited to be hosting its winemaker dinner for a small group of guests on Friday the 5th of August and Friday the 26th August 2022.

Guests are invited to an intimate four-course dinner, an epicurean delight orchestrated by Judy and hosted by Winemaker Phillip Cross. Guests enjoy a range of cellared wines paired with dishes selected to provide a unique event with pleasures meant to be savoured.

This Winemakers Dinner, hosted on-site at Angas Plains Wines, is part of the Langhorne Creek Wine Regions month long Cellar Treasures experiences throughout August 2022.

With the focus on peoples’ love of comfort food in winter, this is an opportunity to relax and share a table with others, and indulge your senses. Winemaker Phillip is also exploring the cellar to discover a few treasures to serve during the meal!

The menu will be available shortly but it is advisable to book quickly as the intimate dinner is for a limited number only.

Any dietary requirements must be advised one week prior to the dinner to ensure they can be catered for. Contact Judy personally via mobile: 0438 754 350.

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