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The Road To Organic Certification

Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room

Hayes Family Wines has an uncompromising focus on producing the best wines possible, wines that display fruit purity and balance, that convey the characteristics of the vineyards, and will age well and improve with time in the cellar. The latest step in this journey was to implement organic practices. From vineyard to winery, the team is always looking to improve and to innovate while respecting past practices and the traditions of great winemaking.The move to farming organically and ultimately gaining organic certification was driven by this desire to improve.

The first step was to demonstrate that the grapes produced were of at least comparable if not better quality. With this ascertained, the team is making the same progression in the winery. While the harvests are smaller, the vineyards are healthier, the wines keep getting better and the team is happier knowing the vineyard and the environment will benefit in the long run.