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Hardys Tintara

Hardys Wine News
Hardys Wine News

Hardys Tintara is a proud member of the Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia family, where a hand-selected collection of Australia’s best premium wineries offers bespoke, memorable wine experiences. Open your eyes to the stories behind the families of the wineries as well revel in exciting behind-the-scenes experiences and gastronomic adventures. At Hardys’ cellar door you can enjoy a range of wines that showcase the best that the region has to offer or share in the rich tapestry of the Hardy family history with winery tours that explore the unique history and the treasures around the Tintara property.

Among Hardys Tintara’s wide array of winery tours and tasting experiences is its most unique: Tasting in the Dark. Journey deep into the darkness of Hardys Tintara Fortified Cellar, where your host will turn down the lights, put on the blindfolds and pour wine into black wine glasses. This tasting will lead you to discover what happens when you remove the sense of sight, and help you understand how it influences your wine tasting experience. As your host guides you through the tasting process, your senses will be challenged as they explain what role each of your five senses plays in the way you experience the wines.

Hardys Tasting in the Dark experience is suitable for all levels – experience a bespoke, fun and interactive wine tasting designed to uniquely enhance your wine knowledge and help you gain a deeper understanding of your palate.