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Joeys Welcome

Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room

The cellar door at Dudley Wines, on Kangaroo Island, has always been family friendly, but these days children are enjoying the visit just as much as their parents, with the recent installation of a nature playground. The playground features an above-ground cubby, a tunnel, a boat and a sandpit, and is situated right alongside the golf driving range, which is popular with older children.

The idea of a nature playground is to encourage imaginative play, therefore providing hours of entertainment for your young ones, while you enjoy a leisurely wine tasting without interruption.

Dudley Wines’ small island-inspired cellar door menu includes kid’s options, too, so why not stay for the afternoon and relax on the deck with a platter and glass of wine and take in the spectacular views across the passage to mainland Australia? And leave the kids’ iPads at home!