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Shingleback Wine
Shingleback Wine
Shingleback Wine

Paying homage to its recent Bio Project, and the Davey brothers’ dedication to sustainable grape growing, native revegetation and biodiversity in the vineyard, Shingleback Wine has created a new range of the same name.

The sustainably managed 120-hectare Davey Estate supports healthy vines, while contributing to larger scale environmental health over the long-term. Sustainable grape growing requires pragmatic observation, monitoring and intimate knowledge of pests and disease pressures to assure success.

In June 2019, Shingleback Wine proudly partnered with the McLaren Vale Biodiversity Project – a joint initiative of local community, industry and government that aims to preserve and protect the environment of the region. Since then, more than 200 volunteers have planted dozens of endemic species around the Davey Estate vineyard in McLaren Vale. This increased biodiversity works to specifically attract beneficial insects and birds to the vineyard, as well as naturally improving water quality.

By removing feral vegetation, such as olive trees, from creek lines within the McLaren Vale region and replacing them with native plant species, the new environment is now flourishing and essential native fauna has returned to the area. The quality of harvests, the beauty of the re-established natural bushland and restored Indigenous biodiversity are all positive outcomes of the project. Biodiversity provides natural predators for unwanted insects, improves growing conditions, and allows for a more natural air and water flow through the region.

From this revegetation initiative and Shingleback’s ongoing commitment to the environment, The Bio Project wine range was born. The range is comprised of three wines: The Bio Project Tempranillo Blend, The Bio Project Monastrell Dry Rosé and The Bio Project Fiano, the only fiano to feature in James Halliday’s Top 100 wines of 2020.

To experience these gorgeous, sustainably-made wines for yourself, make a visit to Shingleback Wine’s tasting room or head to the website to place your order.