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1847 Wines Chateau Yaldara

1847 Wines

1847 Wines Chateau Yaldara celebrates its heritage and prestigious fortified wine collection with a new experience like no other – the ‘Feeling Fortified Experience’. 1847 Wines Chateau Yaldara has a rich history in the Barossa Valley, especially when it comes to fortified wines, boasting Australia’s second largest collection of these magnificent varieties.

The ‘Feeling Fortified Experience’ offers wine connoisseurs alike a private tour through the maturation process, followed by the opportunity to indulge in the delectable, fortified wine collection. Guests will be taken on a fortified journey that pairs each wine with a boutique chocolate sample, finishing with the award-winning forty-year-old tawny port.

The experience can also include a delectable lunch and a premium red tasting in one of the oldest areas of the winery, which has been converted into a private area for guests to soak up the winery’s incredible history. To taste the greatness straight from the barrel, make a booking online or contact the 1847 Wines Chateau Yaldara team today.