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Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room
Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room

2019 marked the ten-year anniversary of Barristers Block. The cellar door began modestly, with a humble range of wine and a minimalist cellar door, located in the property’s old dairy building. Today, the newly renovated cellar door is set amongst gorgeous gardens, and boasts an exceptional combination of sweeping vineyard views, delicious food, and an abundance of wine.

The range of wines on offer at Barristers Block is ever evolving. In 2019, Jan Siemelink Allen, the owner of Barristers Block and a proud vigneron, expanded the range with the release of two new additions from the company’s Adelaide Hills vines.

These exciting new releases signify the strength of the Barristers Block brand, and act as a poignant reminder of just how far the business has come. Available from the renovated cellar door, the new fiano and sauvignon blanc showcase the versatility of Barristers Block.

The team at Barristers Block has worked incredibly hard over the past decade, and the fruit of their labours is apparent in these
exceptional new wines. The hard-working team is committed to maintaining excellence, and the next decade is sure to bring a host of exciting new developments.


Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room