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Patrick of Coonawarra

Patrick of Coonawarra
Patrick of Coonawarra

Patrick of Coonawarra is proud to unveil its latest addition, the creative Méthode Range, as well as the winery’s rebrand, which aims to simultaneously pay tribute to the past while nodding to the future. This rebrand came about as Luke Tocaciu took over the family business from his late father Patrick, who first established Patrick of Coonawarra back in 1998.

The new branding is based on the concept of duality, combining Patrick and Luke’s personalities, and defining these two glorious generations of winemaking. A redesigned logo and packaging with new colours, form and typography help to tell the story of personality, place and time, all of which continue to evolve with this beautiful winery and its loyal customers and devoted staff. Patrick was a particularly important inspiration behind Luke’s rebranding; as one of South Australia’s most respected winemakers, he was always one to take risks and see them pay off in exciting ways.

With this rebrand, the Méthode Range offers an exploration of the classic cabernet sauvignon and riesling varieties, crafted to explore styles that challenge perceptions. Once again, Luke has followed in his fearless father’s footsteps with this range, which tests the boundaries and breaks free from tradition, while respecting centuries of craft before it.