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Gibson Wines

Gibson Wines
Gibson Wines

In the Barossa’s North, on Willows Road, sits Gibson’s cellar door. Characteristically unassuming, the roadside entrance gives little away. A rickety, rusty, tin-roofed cottage is set back from a vineyard no bigger than a postage stamp. Home originally to a blacksmith’s family, its walls are made of ‘pug’ – a mix of mud and straw. Its bowed timbers reflect 170 years lived in scorching Barossa summers and bone-chilling winters.

As visitors arrive, meandering behind this old cottage lovingly known as The Smithy, a secret place is discovered. Nestled opposite The Smithy is a modern, cozy tasting room of terracotta, white oak and deep mauve finishes. A timber batten-raked ceiling encloses a small, light-filled space. Pendant lighting, polished flooring and mid-century styled furnishings adds sophistication to a simple, down-to-earth vibe. The cutest fireplace in the Barossa is found right here. The winemaker’s dog reminds you that although polished, this is no corporate shopfront. Guests are greeted like family and it has always been like this since its humble beginnings in 1996.

Its iconic, handlebar-moustache-endowed founder, Rob Gibson, spent his formative years as a geologist. Uncovering gems and metals in the field, then training as a viticulturist, eventually saw him land the nickname ‘The Dirtman’. This love of prospecting carries through Gibson’s wines. They proudly champion wines that are dirt-born – the best being hidden, requiring a spirit of discovery to unearth them. This is a place where stories are told, where comfort is king and where the wine speaks for itself. It might just be Gibson’s most precious gem yet.