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Koonara Wines

Koonara Wines
Koonara Wines
Koonara Wines

Koonara Wines is proud to announce that it was recently a finalist for the 2020 Vineyard of the Year Awards by Young Gun of Wine, specifically for its wine ‘Ambriel’s Gift’. The accolades do not end there, with the team’s pinot gris being awarded runner up for Winestate Magazine’s 2021 Best Pinot Gris in Australia. These acknowledgements should come as no surprise for those in the industry, given Koonara Wines’ longstanding reputation as a premium winery for many years now. The winery attributes such success to its ethos that seeks to challenge the world’s approach to viticulture, implementing organic and sustainable practices within its vineyards, ensuring they can continue to thrive for generations ahead.

Koonara Wines is now also honoured to be certified to Australian Organic Standards in its Coonawarra vineyards. The change in direction has rather heartfelt foundations, with Dru Reschke adapting its approach to viticulture once his father, Trevor, was diagnosed with cancer – a diagnosis that Trevor felt some of the non-organic products used on the property may have contributed to in his decline. Since Koonara Wines has adopted organic and regenerative practices into its business model, no aspect of the company has been untouched by its positive effects.

Economically, the company has reduced costs by thirty per cent since implementing its organic practices. Meanwhile, the ecosystem itself has thrived under the new management – native grasses and flora growing, promoting insects to return to the area, and acting as a means of pest control, with these predatory insects feeding upon those that are detrimental to the health of the grapevines.

What’s more, in a country and area already feeling the effects of climate change, water-scarcity remains an issue. Koonara Wines has observed greater water retention and extra moisture in the ecosystem, which aids with the water shortage and also helps to regulate temperatures, preventing further water loss and allowing the vines to thrive. The knock-on effects are endless as the cooler temperatures present the perfect conditions for grape ripening, allowing the wines to acquire a perfect acidity and rounded flavour profile.

Koonara Wines is consistently seeking new and innovative ways to improve its eco-friendly ethos that will simultaneously improve its wines. To learn more about the winery’s ethical, environmentally conscious principles visit its website today.