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Soul Growers

Soul Growers
Soul Growers

Soul Growers is proud to announce that the team have recently mastered a fine craft, commonly known in the wine realm as ‘the art of blending’. This is considered to be one of the greatest skills a winemaker can have.

Blending a wine refers to the mastery of combining flavours to create a delightful cocktail of tastes and aromas that tantalise the tastebuds. The artform involves taking different parcels of grapes and breaking down each into its constituent parts, and assessing what, as winemakers, can be done to bring out particular flavours in the blend. The result is a carefully curated, complementary mixture of grapes, which combine so that the final blend is better than the sum of the individual component parts.

Soul Growers likens this process to a great artist who mixes colours and textures of individual paints, to then create the final picture where all of these colours blend into a masterpiece – one whose sum is far greater than just the individual colours that may appear meaningless within the palette.

The Soul Growers Equilibrium, comprised of grenache, shiraz, mataro has all the hallmarks of the art of blending. Grenache brings softness and elegance to the blend, while shiraz brings its robust structure and wonderful length of flavour, while finally, the mataro grapes bring an earthy spice and savouriness. All three contribute something in their own way, so that the sum is more beautiful than just the component parts. Just the way things should be.