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Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room

Available in a range of sizes, and showcasing the best of modern technology, Liebherr’s wine cabinets are a perfect way to store your collection. Featuring new and exclusive TipOpen technology, the company’s built-in wine cabinets are as simple to open as a tap on the door. TipOpen automatically opens the door in response to the touch of a single fingertip, while the handless design provides a sleek and timeless look.

Liebherr’s new dual-zone wine cabinets are designed to provide optimal storage conditions for your wine. With two independent temperature zones, ranging from 5°C to 20°C, all of your wines can be stored at the optimum temperature within the one appliance, regardless of variety.

Just as the air temperature is pivotal  when it comes to successfully storing wine, the air quality plays an important role, too. To ensure optimal air quality, Liebherr has added activated charcoal filters and natural untreated beechwood shelves, both of which are natural modes of air purification.

Likewise, the inclusion of double-glazed, tinted-glass doors filters harmful UV rays to further protect stored vintages, while a vibration-free compressor absorbs vibrations and prevents disruption to the wines within.


Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room