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Bassham Wines

Bassham Wines Vineyard
Bassham Wines Cellar Door
Bassham Wines

Bruce and Val Bassham have noticed that the public are bored of ‘normal’ wines and are excited by the prospect of something different. The vast range of emerging wine varietals by Bassham Wines attract wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs and casual consumers alike who are seeking new, enlightening experiences. The delightful tasting line-up has something to suit everyone, with unique wines ranging from angliancio to vermentino and everything in between. With over thirty-five labels and forty grape varietals, Bassham Wines have French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Sicilian and Georgian wine varieties growing on their 170-acre vineyards.

The Bassham family have lived and produced wine grapes for over 100 years, dedicated to their heritage and way of life. The Bassham Family Heritage Vineyard, situated at Barmera in the beautiful Riverland of South Australia, was allocated on the 5th of June 1920 to Grandpa “Louis Bassham” after his return from World War One. Bruce Bassham (Grandson of Louis) is entering his 60th vintage on the vineyard and has witnessed
many changes and challenges during this time. He says that not one vintage is the same, due to frost, hail, drought, wind, rain, disease, heatwaves, storms and vine pull.

Growing drought-tolerant wine grape varieties, the Bassham family believe that the health of our soil is a direct line to the health of our bodies. In align with this belief, they are passionate organic and biodynamic certified growers – they do not use any weedicide, pesticide, fungicide, artificial fertilizers or chemicals. This ensures that they produce the best quality wine and fruit.

Book in for a tasting at the new-look Bassham Cellar Door to try their delicious grazing platter or newly released pecorino, alborino, tannat and touriga wines. You won’t be disappointed!