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Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room

Amadio Wines is excited to introduce a new edition to the ‘Vino di Famiglia’ range; pecorino, an alternate Italian variety. Native to Italy’s eastern coastal regions, the white grape variety produces a dry, mineral wine that features a bright acidity and an elegant floral bouquet. Straw-yellow in colour and spiced with a faint hint of liquorice, this wine is perfect accompaniment to Italian aperitivo such as fried seafood, cured meats and cheese.

The pecorino grape has a curious history. By the mid-20th century, it was thought to be extinct, largely due to its replacement by varieties such as trebbiano, which have a higher yield. In the 1980s, a local wine producer followed a rumour that led to an overgrown vineyard where pecorino vines still survived, and cuttings were cultivated. The early 1990s saw the first pecorino wine in many years, and since then, the variety’s merits were recognised anew and its popularity only grew. Curiously, though it shares a name with pecorino cheese, this wine has no relation, though it does pair well with the sharp, sheep’s-milk product.

The first vintage from Amadio Wines, produced from a hectare of vines planted in mid-2018, is expected to be ready for tasting in May 2020.


Wynnton Ridge Vineyard new tasting room