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Liebherr is excited to introduce the Monolith Wine Cabinet to the Australian market, providing wine connoisseurs a sophisticated way to store their collection. The industrial-style wine fridge is the newest addition to Liebherr’s Monolith range, indeed resembling a monolith with an incredible width of 60cm and the capacity to hold up to 100 0.75L Bordeaux bottles.

A wealth of luxurious features to create a sound environment for wine preservation makes the Monolith Wine Cabinet so desirable. From the three individual temperature zones ranging between 5˚C and 20˚C, to the ultra-low vibration compression, charcoal filter and UV protected glass, this fridge is nothing short of impressive. Your precious bottle collection will be protected from air contaminants, and temperature controlled with the InfinityProtect temperature sensor system, plus all functions will be under your control with the external InfinitySwipe touch screen.

If that’s not exciting enough, the Monolith Wine Cabinet also has a sleek, contemporary design, with natural beechwood shelves and customisable stainless-steel doors that boast a SoftSystem soft-close mechanism to protect bottles, close effortlessly and quietly, and prevent slamming.

Liebherr’s Monolith range of fridges and freezers received the iF Design award in 2019, a coveted world-leading seal of quality that is globally recognised as a label of design excellence. Liebherr is no stranger to awards in its more than sixty years of designing and manufacturing appliances for domestic, commercial, pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, with its impressive five-year warranty on all domestic appliances only further enhancing such reputation for excellence.

The brand’s Monolith Wine Cabinet is a particular must-have for true wine connoisseurs. Available from 2021 in selected retailers, visit the Liebherr website to find out more about this wonderfully innovative new product.